You are definitely onto something here. One big distinction (there's a Paper 4 question in this) is between the way we look at things with our brains. (cf Prof Iain McGilchrist). The specialist has a left-hemisphere perspective. It's not "what" the brain does, so much as "how" each hemisphere approaches it. The left is analytical, it abstracts things, isolates parts, creates (or sees) sequences and rules. It is the hemisphere of "if/then". It lives in the explicit. The great MW (dare I say it) is a creature of the right hemisphere. Or at least a balanced approach. The right sees the "gestalt". The whole. Sometimes it believes in six impossible things before breakfast. It's also the hemisphere of unspoken emotion. It "gets it". But doesn't always know why. It lives in the implicit. The great MWs I've met (and there are many) have an implicit understanding of the impossibility of understanding wine. It is so much more than the purely analytical. It cannot ALL be isolated and abstracted. All its rules have exceptions.

You have not given up by reconciling yourself to the the idea that there will be others who will know more. You achieve a greater insight by surrendering yourself to the right-brain's wisdom that it was an impossible task in the first place. That true understanding comes from knowing that the whole... the gestalt... is greater than the sum of its parts.

To score a wine is the ultimate expression of the left-brained view of the world. I'm with Hugh Johnson who balances his huge expertise with great insight: "how can I score my friends?".

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Evening Dan , there is a big problem with people over -mystifying wine . It is a great subject but comes down to one basic tenet ; what do you like to drink ! It really isn’t more complicated than that to me

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