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The main reason we’re all here is because I need to find a way do fund my Master of Wine studies.

The first GoFundMe was awkwardly successful, and I’m here to turn that into something a little more sustainable

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If you’re at a complete loss as to what I’m talking about, this page on my dnkrbywine.club website is a good start.

This post in the archive fills in quite a few of the gaps, too: Accepted Onto The MW Study Program.

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This is a way for me to build and grow the community of supportive types, who mostly know me, mostly enjoy my take on the wine world, and for some reason want to support me through the MW. 

I’m really quite open about the whole MW process, and I’m very happy to bring people along on the journey with me.

If you’re doing the WSET (probably Diploma) courses, or considering the MW program, this newsletter should be right up your street.

Anyhow, People chipped in the first time around, why wouldn’t they again?



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